Josette Siig Gaardsvig



In 2007 I began painting landscapes and in 2014 I developed a new line of paintings based on several photos merged into one picture.

This tecnique enables me to paint anything I can imagine, which I find very intriging. Especially my underwater paintings would not have been possible without this method of working.

Art Education

2009: Art Academy of Aarhus - Max Parielewitz

Exhibitions & Galleries

Galleri Sonne

2000 Cooperation

Galleri Wolfsen

Exhibition The Kimberbull 2005 and cooperation

Galleri Silkeborg

2009 Cooperation


2007 Exhibition - The Merger of Municipalities

2012 Open Atelier Doors

Galleri 46

Censured- and Easter Exhibition 2013

Kerteminde Library

2016 January

Saebygaard Castle

24th-28th of march 2016

The Old Townhall-Munkebo

June 2016

Munkebo Library

July 2016

Alling Art Café

Week 28 2016


18th of April till 22nd of April 2019


Tel.: +45 40 21 01 05

Motorbike 60 x 100 cm
Cars 53 x 85 cm    
Mirror 50 x 70 cm          
Forest 80 x 100 cm  
Red Jacket  
Forest Fire  
Mountain View  
Off Road  
Late summer